We understand the project scope and recognize your community's needs We have worked successfully with your community for a decade, creating feasibility studies for Loon Lake toxic control, developing odor-abatement procedures for your streams and creeks, and assessing your water treatment plant's ability to meet regulatory standardis. DGl personnel are not just engineering Our dynamic prrPater in project experts. We are members of your community regulatory agencies smilar projects effectively with clients DGl offers the City of Waluska an integrated program that addresses all your community's needs. We believe that DGl is your best choice to ensure that https://literaturereviewcentre.com/us-history/ your community receives a water treatment plant ready to meet the challenges of the team has a close working relationship with your community's Our Partner in Charge, Julie Schopper, has experience with worldwide, demonstrated leadership, and the ability to communicate twenty-first century 154 CHAPTER 7 DOCUMENT DESIGN ET HICAL CHALLENGE company that has been in business for over 40 years, is knows water purification Ic . a wa Midwest for its logo and slogan, "Go With The Flow Flow w up in the Midwest and is familiar with Flow Inc. She now works for a and was asked to create a logo and slogan for her company. She foedi named GO-Gaming Online. Nurani is in charge of marketing aed publkc relow Inc.'s slogan and logo and used it as her inspiration. At a board meeting, Nurani enemlbed e phrase Flow With the GO" and showed her creation. To do so used to dirt are vens to dr ure twice Flosr Wirh The Question Nurani's company is in a different city and industry than Flow Inc., is it ethical for her to ve Its patem her slogan and logo after Flow Ine.'s

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